Birchwood is an intermediate school serving students in grades three through five. It is located on Long Island within walking distance of Walt Whitman's birthplace in the South Huntington Union Free School District. Birchwood has served the South Huntington Community since 1954. Our goals are to provide a well-rounded academic program for our students and to help them develop an appreciation for their classmates, school, and community. We provide opportunities for students to understand and participate in community projects, multi-cultural activities, and inter-personal problem solving. At Birchwood, we strive to have the children love learning. We want our children to see learning not as a set of facts or skills, but as a way of approaching life; open-minded, curious, fascinated by the unknown and always searching for a new understanding. The staff at Birchwood is committed to excellence and the welfare of each student in our school. We work together to provide a stimulating and nurturing atmosphere for all students in our school.


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Webster's Word Wall

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